Raticator S-Plus

R930.00 R790.50

Off the back of the older “Rat Zapper Classic” comes the New Look and Highly Improved Raticator S-Plus.

Product Description

The Raticator S-Plus has an exceptional new electronic system with a redesigned body manufactured from polycarbonate material offering superb features and benefits as well giving the mechanical strength and resistance to breakage from being accidentally dropped or bumped off of a perch whilst you are hunting for Rats and Mice.

The Raticator S-Plus has enhanced Kill capacity and extended battery stand by time with an approximate battery lifespan of 6 months or a kill rate of about 60 rodents per set of 4 AA Alkaline batteries (see battery selection on our Product Data Sheet).

*Lithium Batteries could almost double the Kill rate and standby time.

  • Improved Electronics and Upgraded Shock-Delivery System
  • 50 Humane Kills or 6 Months Standby Time
  • Uses 4 “AA” Batteries (Alkaline or Lithium* Required)
  • Newly Designed High-Gloss Canister

Technical information: (Refer to Product Data Sheet)

  • Trap Dimensions: approximately 11cm x 30cm x 12cm (W x L x H)
  • Box Dimensions: approximately 12cm x  31 x 13 (W x L x H)
  • Unit Weight: (including box) 900grams
  • Approx. 50 kills or 6 months stand by with one set of 4 alkaline “AA” Cell batteries
  • Easy to use, Reusable, Safe, Hygenic, Quick and easy to clean, best of all… It is the most Humane way of getting rid of Rats and Mice.
  • When the Rodent enters the chamber on the way to the bait, it is killed instantly by an electrical shock, the current flows for two minutes after which the Raticaror S-Plus switched itself off and leaves a Flashing Red Light to notify you of a kill.