Raticator Hits The Market, Just In Time For Rodent Season

From the people who brought us the first humane, battery operated electronic mouse and rat trap “ Rat Zapper”comes the latest weapon of progression in the war against rodents.

The Raticator is a battery operated trap that humanely kills and eradicates both mice and rat infestations.

The dreaded rodent season arrives as the weather gets cooler and the rodent’s food supply of seeds and bugs becomes increasingly scarce.

Warm places with plenty of food to scrounge on are exactly what these pesty rodents are looking for.

Once they move in we are faced with numerous problems as they can cause major damage to electrical wiring, roof insulation, motor car wiring and upholstery etc.

choosing how to eradicate them is now simple. There are many options on the market; however, most are either messy, inhumane or ancient and out dated.

The Raticator utilizes patented technology and other advances in the war against rodents that overcomes the many shortcomings of poison, spring traps and glue boards.

The Raticator has a new look and offers a much better battery life and new technology that provides a 100 percent humane kill rate with the new Raticator Infrared Max model.

According to Baron Evans and Charmaine Grahame of E-Raticator S.A. ‘‘These new units have far enhanced electronics over the previous models as well as a more effective kill pad design. They are created for durability and utilize solid state electronics for years of reliable performance.”

Two models are offered in the Raticator lineup; the Raticator Infrared Max which utilizes a patented infrared detecting system to sense the presence of the mouse, rat, or other rodent. [Note: Coming Soon: Raticator Bluetooth S-Plus.]

This technology improves efficiency and extends battery life to 1 year or 50 kills.

The Raticator S-Plus is designed for affordability and offers solid state electronics to deliver a deadly, but humane shock to either mice or rats.

It will humanly exterminate 50 rodents or last approximately 6 months in standby mode.

E-Raticator S.A. is an official distributor of Raticator products for Sub-Sahara Africa, South Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius.

The Raticator is the result of more than two decades of product enhancements since their first battery operated rat trap appeared on the shelf.

The Raticator is very user friendly, “simply add batteries and bait, turn it on and it is ready for action! It’s the ultimate option in rodent control.” The Raticator is available from our shopping basket or through a growing distribution network across the country.